Network Event Of Switzerland's 

Powerful Business Women's Network

On the 3d of October, we organize the next network event of the Powerful Business Women's Network in Zürich, Switzerland.

Are you a serious female business owner who wants to:

- Level with like-minded business owners.

- Extend your network with strong business women.

- Be part of a global organization.

- Employ staff, or want to or want to outsource more.

- Share your network and collaborate.

- Work internationally and/or expand


Before you subscribe, please make sure you fit the criteria. See below!

Minimum Turnover

You should have an annual minimum turnover of 100.000 euro or far above

You should work internationally or have the ambition to do so

Work Internationally

Share Network

You should be willing to share your network with the other members

Some criteria that are essential to join

You want to do business with other women if they have what you need.

Do Business With Members

About the founder

"When women do business together their businesses will grow and thus they are able to make more impact in the world"

Tineke Rensen

CEO Powerful Business


Tineke Rensen is a business owner for 28 years 

She is a former sports athlete. This resulted in achieving the title of the national champion in whitewater kayaking.

She has a lot of international experience. She used to have an outdoor and survival travel agency.

Nowadays she has international clients and speaks internationally. 

It has always been her passion to help and grow people in any kind or form and help them to go beyond their next level.

Many years Tineke has sought like-minded businesswomen in other female business groups. She never found the network that matched her criteria for business women she wanted to network with. That is why she decided to star ta completely new network. Powerful Business Women's Club

Founder PBWN

About your local ambassador

"Women are limitless, let's

run the world together"

Lauren Nan

Founder & Senior Managing Partner of

SilkBridge & Co GmbH

Lauren Nan, is the Founder and Senior Managing Partner of SilkBridge & Co and manages multiple businesses in China. She is multi-lingual and speaks Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French and English fluently.

She is a qualified STEP member (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) and being honored as the Country Director for China, Hong Kong, and South Korea in CCIINDIA (Swiss-India Chamber of Commerce), she is also a member of Asia Society Switzerland and SCCC (Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce).

She spent her formative years in China, then undertook her further education and career in Europe.

She has over a decade of corporate experience, working in the worldwide leading financial institutions such as Rothschild, Credit Agricole, Caversham and amongst others. She has advised and assisted a number of family’s wealth structures including trusts, Foundations and onshore and offshore Companies worldwide to manage their overseas investments such as real estates, funds, private equity, life insurance, precious metals, arts, etc. On top of that, she has helped her family members to set up two start-ups successfully in China.

Over this time, Lauren developed a passion for helping entrepreneurs, families and businesses alike to develop their global business presence and operations using her extensive expertise and networks throughout Asia and Europe.

Ambassador of Zürich

First Launch Event in Zürich

Endorsed by companies such as

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This will be the Program

Doors open at 5.00 PM

  • Short pitches of most of the participants. 
  • Masterminding with other members.
  • Keynote speaker, Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi, who speaks about the topic emotional intelligence.
  • Explanation about the new club and the opportunities of the worldwide online community.
  • Networking

End of program 09.30 PM


Holiday Inn Zürich Messe

Wallisellenstrasse 48

8050 Zürich

This is a free event. After the event, you can decide if you want to become a member of the club. But we do charge if you don't show up without notice! (CHF97.-)

If you cannot make it this time please send an email and let us know. We will invite you to the next meeting in October.

Keynote speaker,

Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi

Are you sure you fit the criteria to join this event? If yes, please click subscribe

Ruby Bakshi Khurdi

Ruby has received the exceptional Woman of Excellence Award of Women Economic Forum, Lisbon. She has been nominated as the most inspirational Female entrepreneur of 2017 by Swiss Entrepreneurs Magazine.
She spoke at Women Economic Forum, The Hague, Amsterdam, Good Festival 4th in Lausanne, Lish Tesla community event in Lausanne, Lady Boss event at SEM Expo in Zurich etc.

In today’s stressful work, we need to connect with Emotions!
“Emotions drive People, People drive Performance”

Learn with Ruby how you can manage your own emotions first through self awareness and motivating others by understanding their needs via relationship management.

The topic: The Power of

Emotional Intelligence